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We are a full-service, boutique editorial house offering word refinement.

No matter what the writing is—business, professional, academic, government, creative—
your words have to be right in order for them to have maximum impact and meaning.

You may not need a writer because you are already skilled in this form of communication,
but everyone who writes needs an editor
(who is not the hyper-critical voice inside your head).

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Raised in Jasper, educated at the Universities of Alberta and Victoria, and schooled by life, I am always looking for the things I don’t know. I find them all the time. All the time! Some people might feel defeated as they encounter the vast unknown, but I find it exciting and affirming. Affirming because I at least know there is so much more to know and exciting for the very same reason.

This is, in part, why I love editing and writing for others—each time I take a contract, I get to step into worlds that range from comfortable/familiar to wildly different from my own. I love the challenge of learning the language you speak in your day to day—legal, medical, political, fictional, whatever—and then refining it to its highest potential and purpose.

My street cred comes from my degree with distinction in Creative Writing and Political Science from the University of Victoria and over 13 years of experience in both professional writing and editing. I have published poetry in both The Malahat Review and Grain Magazine and a creative non-fiction piece in Island Parenting. My clients are more visible in this regard, with several being successful multi-book  authors. Good for them. One day my books will join theirs.




  • Fast, thorough, insightful

  • Your words. Better.

  • 13 years of experience

  • Manuscripts, website content, blog posts, professional documents of all kinds

  • Always on time or ahead of deadline



  • High quality, original copy in a wide range of formats. Whatever you need, I can write: articles, speeches, blog posts, website content, etc.

  • Make the best use of your professional time by contracting me to be your personal writing consultant in order to make the most of your words.

  • Words work and words matter when it comes to putting your best self forward. In fact, in most situations, words are really all we have to prove to the world what we can do. Words define our actions and shape our perceptions. Words excite, words heal, and words harm. Whatever your occupation, your words will inform your clients, colleagues, and readers as to what they can expect from you and you want them to know they are in the best hands with you. So put your words in mine.


Ghost writing

  • I have ghosted for several prominent people and you’ll just have to believe me

  • Discreet, trustworthy

  • Able to inhabit any style/voice in an authentic way



  • From bucolic retreat settings to classrooms and prisons, there is nowhere I won’t go to talk about the craft of writing. My favourite demographic to work with in this way is youth, aged 13-19. No offence.



Jody is a brilliant writer and an astute editor. Working with her on my first book, "Child's Play" was a joy. I am certain the book would not have come to fruition had it not been for her writing and editing talents. Jody has the skills to take what you want to say and hone the words for clarity and meaning. I would have no hesitation to work with Jody again.
— Silken Laumann, Olympian, inspirational speaker, author

I was terrified to write and put it out in public. Jody changed all that. She is an incredible editor and has been an invaluable ally to me. She is decisive, creative and consistently enhances my work. She provides clarity and direction while instinctively knowing the emotions and connections I am trying to establish. She supported my style and my purpose from the beginning. She used her creativity and editing genius to clean up my pieces so that the real me could shine through. She is always my champion and lets me know when I've hit it right and where I can go further. Jody sees when I am holding back or being cliche and respectfully points out where and how I can do more (or less). I feel safe and supported to own my writing and take chances. She celebrates when I hit just the right note and makes me feel I have something valuable to say. Jody is a true artist with content and having her wit and wisdom gave me the confidence to keep moving forward and most of all, keep writing with my own voice. She intuitively understands what I am trying to create and asks the right questions and makes the right changes so my writing truly connects with my audience. She ensures that what I am trying to say is clear and coherent and delivers what I intend. It is magic! 
— Criss Turner, life coach, www.crissturner.com

Jody could work at the New Yorker in the morning and Saturday Night Live in the afternoon. The range of Jody’s editing and writing skills sets her apart from most people. Very few people can write and edit high-brow poetry and prose, then turn around and have an in-depth conversation on what is essentially stand-up comedy on paper. Jody drastically improves the quality of my writing, which really goes without saying. More importantly, Jody pushes my jokes further, beyond the easy laugh, helping me search for that joke that will stick with the reader after they’ve put my book down.
— Nathan Weathington, author of Where the Hell Were Your Parents? and Invasion of the Bastard Cannibals; winner of the Bronze Medal in Humour at the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Jody is a skilled editor that has helped me edit policy reports, blogs, website content and workshop handouts and PowerPoints over the past 5 years. Her feedback is always thorough and she gives me good advice on how to take my writing to the next level. I highly recommend Jody for all proofreading or editing work.
— Jocelin Caldwell, VP Operations, WCG Services


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